About Sprouting Entertainment

Sprouting Entertainment began with music festivals such as High Sierra Music and Benbow Summer Arts in Northern California about 5 years ago. Our aim has been to create magic and joyful experiences for all ages. Sprouting Entertainment’s artist’ are diverse and purposeful with their crafts. We support their crafts and aim to share them with the world, as they seek to awaken the globe with their art. We work with diverse venues thru-out California.

Now, in 2018, Sprouting Entertainment is having a growth spurt and we are excited to work with you on your unique event.

About Elizabeth

SE Founder, Elizabeth Newman, has been in live theater her whole life in various capacities. Now, in Los Angeles, Elizabeth created Sprouting Entertainment as a way to develop a bridge between the artist she loved and the audiences she wanted to bring together.

To contact Elizabeth call 310-463-5170

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