Professor Merlock

By day, Dr Kim Silverman is a principal research scientist, working in the Bay for Apple. But by night he studies the more “esoteric” sciences. He is a Professor Emeritus of the Society of American Magicians, which is the oldest and most prestigious magical society in the world. He is Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, better known as the world-famous Magic Castle. Many magical authorities believe he was the inspiration for a certain wizard in the Harry Potter series. He is often invited by magical societies to lecture on his unique approach to making magic meaningful.

Do you believe in magic? Once you see Professor Merloch Silvermaine work his wizardly spells, we’re betting you will. In a review of Professor Merloch Silvermaine’s performance, The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “With Silvermaine in control, the mood shifts from amusing to amazing”

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