Puppet Plex

Puppet Plex, founded by Jonathan Youtt, is a Bay Area puppet collective that works as a lab for puppet wizards and a home to the most creative puppet shows in the country. Puppet Plex doesn’t shy away from subjects many in children’s theater avoid.  Their shows communicate about everyday concerns in a way that empower children and keep them in the conversation. And for this, all ages are found on the edge of their seat.

Puppet Plex shows are political and environmentally conscious puppetry, taking on subjects of wealth inequality, corruption and green technology. They use our common needs and dreams with music and poetry to weave together themes that make the audience feel empowered and inspired.

Since 2002, they have combined storytelling with elements of poetry and song, and have graced the stage with memorable jingles and lessons of sustainability and democracy. It is not uncommon for them to get the whole audience either yelling and booing or shouting and clapping.

The Puppet Plex shows are accessible to youth of all ages and reach multiple generations within the same production. Additionally, they have toured over 25,000 miles on bio-fuel across the country performing at county fairs, farmers markets, schools, music concerts, and festivals.

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