Sprouting Entertainment is developing a web-series for children.

Concept:  At the very center of the earth is a soft ooey-gooey core where all things are developed from an oozing gooiness that birthed the Gooies themselves. The Gooies are the primordial beings that are the actual ooze underneath all balance of the earth, or not.

In the land of the Gooies things are only half cooked and everything is a little off. You never know when things might come together… or apart… and there has been an uncontrolled ooze detected. The vital issue, however, is that the land of the Gooies is where all things come from and return to. The ooze must be balanced and purposeful! It is out of control!

Our Sprouting Entertainment artist travel thru the roots of grandmother tree, on a long journey to the core earth, to the land of the Gooies. Here their music and arts influence the primordial ooze in hopes that the Gooies don’t create a major mess for future generations to come.

On the journey to bring their arts and music to the land of the Gooies our SE artist meet many characters and learn alot about the development of the brain, body, and imagination… and just how to work with the Ooze of life.

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