Be a part of this song!

Be a part of this song!

Jonathan Best is requesting all musicians, creatives, and dancers
to be involved in a new song called Enough is Enough.


Hello Sprouting Entertainment!

We hope you’re doing Fantastic as can be in 2020.

Jonathan Best has a song, Enough is Enough! that he has invited us all to play on. We, at SE and Family Village, are 100% behind the message in his song. Please watch his invitation above and the steps below.

Jonathan Best has long been part of our Family Village family, including our Family Breakfast project where we made cards for the families at the border in 2018. It was Best’s song, ‘Build the Bridges’ (not the walls) that Inspired us to collaborate and create a Breakfast on the Border where we fed over 200 men, women, and children and went to 2 shelters as well.

Now we can collaborate again! Here is how:

#1. First, listen to the song. httpss://

#2. Next, go to and sign up for a free account.

#3. Then, email Jonathan at, to give him your username for BandLab and your name.

#4. Jonathan will send you an invite to be part of the project

#5 Now! Play your Part! If you need technical support Jonathan will provide through jitsimeet httpss:// a zoom-like alternative.

This is the link to his song, on the website, where you will find in-depth instructions.


Here’s the first episode of Family Village Radio, just looking into the past. More information on where we are going with SE soon, exciting collaborations in the future.

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