Pamela Parker

Pamela Parker is a funky soul goddess with an impressive all-star band to back her up from San Francisco’s best. Each band member brings all of that emotion and sound to their acoustic sets for family and children’s audiences.
Pamela’s energy is that of a girl who grew up to Live her Dreams, and she unflinchingly shares this spirit with all the children in an audience… from the ones sitting up front, to the ones afraid at first to come in the door. Pamela seems to have a magical touch to allow all ages to lose their inhibitions.
Pamela Parker’s acoustic band brings all the spirit and music to the ground, literally where Pamela herself gives out shakers, scarves, rattles, and hula hoops for the kids to play and dance along. Just a few songs in the entire audience become part of the show, learning new rhythms and dance moves as they go.

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