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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s finally raining on our California soil… up and down the coast. We are grateful for every drop as they come!

This thanksgiving reach out and hug your neighbor – Find out if there is anything they need. One thing we have been learning is how to help each other and ask for help with these tragedies. This giving and receiving is the key to healthy living.

The relationship with musicians and music lovers is also about giving and receiving. We need the other, Family. Both the playing and listening of live performance are giving and receiving… Music, and all of the live performance arts create an unspoken magical bond between us.

Sprouting Entertainment is sprouting in Los Angeles now, and with these rains and our loving supportive community we are growing! So grateful for all of you!!!

Jonathan Best is will be in Los Angeles this weekend!

Many of you will remember the work we have done with Jonathan in the past, including this last July, when we made Breakfast on the Border. Jonathan continues his Build the Bridges campaign, including just last week going to the border town of Nogales. His “Build the Bridges” bilingual song was sung across the physical border in both states.

Jonathan Best is on way back to Tijuana, and will stop only for a short stint this Thanksgiving weekend!

Jonathan @ UnUrban Coffeehouse
7:30 Saturday November 24th, 2018

Jonathan will play dueling piano with special guest David Sorensen.

@ UnUrban: The UnUrban is a quaint bohemian-style coffee house. It’s a place where music, art, laughter, go hand in hand with self-expression, making a difference in the world, and creating community.

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3301 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405
FREE Parking across the street behind the US Bank


Jonathan @ Santa Monica Farmers Market on Main
Sunday, November 25th, 2018 10am-12 pm

Jonathan will play in the open air of Santa Monica’s main street farmers market, arguably, one of the best markets of the city.

With Jonathan’s playing we will make homemade cards for children across the Border, which he will be hand delivering as he travels south and works with the shelters.

Jonathan’s border tour will be going east in the spring, seeing all of the US/Mexico border, and playing music to create bridges- not walls.

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