Circus Luminescent

The founder of Circus Luminescence and award winning ‘Entertainer of the Year’, Eli March hails from Portland, Oregon. Circus Luminescent has four of the most talented performers that make this tiny circus pack a punch with a full deck of variety of circus arts in one performance.


CL utilizes the best of old-fashioned vaudeville humor and antics to draw the crowd in. Their circus performances however are not all low-tech organic fun. CL actually uses state-of-the-art LED technology, that requires innovative and incredibly tight choreography, remote programmable props, and high tech illusions. The show itself is brilliant at night time visual feast for you and your guests!
Circus Luminescence’s show is full of hilarity, epic combo tricks, acrobatics, juggling and a sense of play, often bringing members of the audience into the show.
Through constant innovation and investment, Circus Luminescence provides top of the line entertainment that bridges ancient circus arts with the illuminating potential of the future.

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