Dandelion Family Music


Frontwoman, Heather Normandale, of the Heather Normandale Band, has been spreading the joy of music for years, with her aim being “to heal, to reflect, to educate and to inspire those who want to sing, heal and connect.” She has toured on a bicycle, with the Peasant Revolution where her performance itself was powered by pedaling.
Dandelion Family Music, a newer project for Heather, uses not only original songs but also uses puppets who interact with the band members as well as the audience. It’s educational entertainment at its best for children and their families including sing-alongs, instrument play, dancing and storytelling with puppets and a grassroots feel.
Heather Normandale, lead dandelion, has 10+ years working with kids, education, and entertainment. Music ignites all areas of childhood development and readiness for school including motor skills, language and pattern recognition. Puppets offer a springboard for developing speaking, listening, imagination and social skills. Dandelion Family packs in developmental tools as well as laughs, play, and pure silliness.

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