The Bug Family Band

The Bug Family Band plays original folk rock for kids and former kids. They hatched in the SF Bay Area in 2010 as Ladybug Picnic, & metamorphosized into their mature form while recording their debut CD in 2013. The band consists of 4 adults (drums, piano, guitar, and vocals/percussion), and 2 kids (Anna plays the glockenspiel and sings, while Easton sings, dances, freestyles, and generally goes crazy). The Bug Family’s sound is characterized by rich vocal harmonies, interactive sing-alongs, and clever tunes that kids and their adults can all appreciate and dance too. They have become a favorite in the San Francisco Bay Area’s non-profit venues, museums, and school fundraisers as well as larger festival venues.
The Bugs’ second album, ABeeCD, was released September 27, 2015, and features recent crowd favorites like “Put My Helmet On” and “Goin’ the the Pool (When You Get Out of School)”. The band is donating 10% of proceeds from ABeeCD to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, to aid in their work educating people about responsible pesticide use, revitalizing pollinator habitats, and fostering ground-breaking research.

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