Tumi Ebow Ansa

Tumi Ebow Ansa has a bio that encompasses everything the arts has to offer. A native of Ghana and to the arts; his father was a famous international photographer, who raised his whole family to love the arts. Tumi learned early the intricacies of the artist mind, perspective, and importance of his cultural heritage. These early lessons never left Tumi, as he went around the world always tied to arts and the culture of Africa that nurtured him.
During his college days, Tumi went into acting like a fish to water, having already become proficient with his fathers cameras, now he was in front of the camera with great understanding of the art. He became the first African, and first black man, to be in the British Actors’ Equity Association. He acted on stage, in British television and in many award-winning films as the lead.
Tumi went on to compose award winning film scores and scores for entire seasons of British theater.
Tumi first came to the United States in 1990 as a scholar for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and worked on numerous projects in cultural heritage, both at the Smithsonian and numerous other museums in the area. His work included photography, interviews and documentation, ethno-musicologist, linguist and researcher into the African folkways and cultural heritage.
Tumi also became well known globally in the music scene, playing along side greats of Africa including Fela Kuti and Osibisa. As a musician, he dove deeper into his Ghanaian High Life roots, Palm wine music, and recording several albums of his music; thus keeping this traditional style alive. His lyrics draw on social issues as well as the common joys of life.
When working audiences of all ages, Baba Tumi captivates with his stories of his own childhood and games he teaches the children. He also introduces to families the tradition of the Naming Ceremony, and guides the audience to find their own Fanti tribal name, based on the day they were born.

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